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If you or someone you know is in the final stage of life, you may be looking into hospice care services. Hospice care facilities can make the final stages of life more comfortable and supportive for the ill person and the family. Here are some things to know about hospice care services.

Who Is It For?

Many people assume hospice care services are only for terminal cancer patients. However, it’s for any patient with a terminal illness. Someone suffering from severe heart disease, late-stage kidney, Alzheimer’s, or dementia may need these types of services. In most cases, someone will go into hospice care if they have less than six months left to live.

What Do Hospice Care Professionals Do?

While someone is going through a terminal illness, they’re likely to be in pain. Treatment helps to manage various symptoms and pain that can come with any of these illnesses. Care professionals go beyond managing physical pain, as they provide emotional and spiritual support for the patient and the family. After all, a patient may be dealing with severe anxiety and stress, especially if they’re still in shock over their diagnosis.

Is There an Age Limit?

According to Hospice At Your Side, over 20% of the American population will be above 65 years old by 2040. Some elderly citizens may have some age-associated diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, and certain cases of cancer. However, that doesn’t mean hospice care is only for sick elderly. Anyone in the final stages of life can go into hospice care, whether they’re a teenager, middle-aged, or senior.

Does Hospice Help Family?

Hospice care services can help the family and friends of the sick person. After all, the patient’s pain and symptom management can provide relief to the family who don’t want to see them in pain. It also reduces unnecessary visits to hospitals and doctors, which can also be a relief for families and other caretakers. A professional hospice facility will provide regular communication and updates to the family about the patient. They may also provide bereavement counseling and other emotional support the family needs.

Hopefully, this article has answered some questions about hospice. After all, deciding to go into such care can be difficult for the patient, friends, and family. However, hospice professionals will help ease the burden for everyone. If you need to make this difficult decision, contact our facility today for professional, emotional, and compassionate care.

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